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Yoga For Weight Loss: the Facts and Fables

blog-1There are so many rumors about yoga, and we’re sure you have loads of questions.

What are the benefits? Is it as good as a cardio workout? Which programs will help me lose weight? Here, we’ll try to debunk the myths and help you understand why yoga is a perfect choice when you’re trying to lose weight.


Yoga helps you make better food choices.

FACT: Yoga promotes relaxation and introspection, which helps you to connect emotionally with your body’s needs. When you are truly in tune, you will avoid foods that make you feel sluggish and enable you to choose healthier, more energizing options. Also, when you’re reducing anxiety, you will avoid the pitfalls of stress eating.


Yoga doesn’t help you lose weight as fast as aerobic exercise.

FABLE: If you are only sticking to relaxation yoga, then yes, perhaps you’ll not burn as many calories as cardio exercise. However, if you choose a program or a class that focuses on weight loss, you can burn MEGA calories. Look for classes named Power, Vinyasa, Kundalini, or Ashtanga Yoga. These will get your heart rate up, strengthen your muscles, and tone your core. Yoga classes also tend to be longer than aerobic exercise, which means that your muscles spend more time getting stronger!


Yoga will enhance your self-discipline.

FACT: Yoga is not only focused on the body – it is directed to ultimate harmony between your frame and your mind. Every yoga instructor will not only teach you how to perform the fluid movements, but they will also coach you on how to become a better person. The principles of yoga rest on patience, gratitude, wisdom, self-discipline, and even kindness. Learning these attributes can also help you to stick to your work out program – and be happy doing it!


Backbend poses can be harmful to your body.

FABLE: The very best trick for stimulating your liver is the back pose! The liver helps your body to detox, gets rid of fats that are bad for you, and stimulates the fats that are good for you. It gives your body energy and even helps to produce coenzyme Q10, which helps to promote muscle strength. A few postures that can help bolster your liver are the spinal twist, the bow pose, the wheel pose, and the cobra pose.


Yoga can help to cleanse your colon.

FACT: The lower digestive tract can easily get clogged and bloated, making you feel and appear obese. If your colon is obstructed, it can even lead to more severe diseases. There are many yoga positions that can help to stimulate your body into moving the congested materials in your colon along. Try a bellow’s pose when you wake up in the morning or a fire pose before you eat lunch. If you’re really adventurous, you could even try a peacock pose. Be sure you do these poses every single day, so that you can reap the maximum benefits!

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