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What is Fascial Stretch Therapy & How can it help.

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What is Fascia?

Fascial Stretch Therapy(TM) is a unique, complete and complementary system of table-based assisted stretching, focusing on the fascia and joint capsule as the key elements in achieving optimal flexibility, strength, performance and pain relief.

Fascia is a network of layered connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones and joints. A joint capsule is also a connective tissue structure that surrounds joints and is involved in optimizing the mechanical function of the joint as well as gives it nutrients. When the fascia and joint capsules are restricted it can cause:

  • Decreased joint space which can lead to degenerative joint diseases and osteoarthritis
  • Increased muscle tone which can lead to trigger points, strains, tendonitis and tears
  • Increased nervous tissue tone which can lead to headaches, trigger points and muscle tightness
  • Increased scar tissue formation
  • Decreased blood flow and energy levels, and much more

Fascial restrictions do not show up on ordinary diagnostic tests such as MRI’s, CT scans and X-rays.

The development of muscular holding or guarding patterns may initially be beneficial in reducing painful movement in an injured area.  However, when these patterns persist for extended periods of time they can become a permanent source of pain and limitation.

FST™ is the perfect complement to your exercise and health regimen. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or a work-at-home parent, FST™ assists in the maintenance and structural integrity of the body and can improve health and wellness.  Learn more about Fascial Stretch Therapy™ at

Who Needs Fascial Stretch Therapy™ 
Everyone! One of the most ignored aspects of aging and athletic performance is the loss of flexibility in our joints, muscles and fascia.  This process starts well before one reaches middle age and begins even sooner in amateur and professional athletes.  As we begin to lose flexibility our joints deteriorate, posture sags, physical appearance changes, muscular imbalances develop and we become more prone to pain and injury from simple actions.  Daily aches, pains and fatigue that seem to have no obvious cause are likely the result of prolonged and accumulated restrictions in our fascial system.  We lose flexibility at an average rate of one percent per year!  When the issue is compounded by potentially detrimental lifestyles (either too little or too much activity), increased stress or poor hydration and nutrition, the loss in flexibility accounts for an even more rapid acceleration of the aging process.

Unlike traditional stretching that attempts to isolate and stretch specific muscles, FST™ creates lasting change and dramatically improves your flexibility by decompressing your joints and unwinding the connective tissue “fabric” of your body.  Lack of flexibility and general “tightness” is the cause of most people’s day-to-day aches and pains and significantly effects your health, quality of life and longevity in your activities or sport.

It improves performance and reduces recovery time for athletes of all ages. Stay active and reduce injuries as you age. This remarkable technique can benefit anyone from high-school athletes seeking to avoid injury and gain a competitive edge to retired golfers wanting to improve and enjoy their game rather than focus on pain from sore muscles & joints.

Stretching is performance and anti-aging therapy at it’s best!

Fascial Stretch Sessions:
FST™ sessions are performed on massage type table equipped with comfortable padded straps that stabilize the parts of the body not being worked on. Clients typically wear loose-fitting or athletic clothing. Flexibility sessions resemble a fluidly choreographed dance between the therapist and client while you breathe and ease into a gradual series of gentle, but deep stretching movements. The experience is relaxing and pain-free.  In fact, many clients “zone-out” while being stretched and wake up with what feels like an entirely new body!

Benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy:

  • Improved Flexibility and Mobility.
  • Improved Overall Range of Motion.
  • Improved Body Alignment and Posture.
  • Improved Circulation.
  • Improved Energy.
  • Increased Performance and Recovery.
  • Improved Physical and Emotional Well-Being.
  • Improved Muscle, Joint and Nerve Function.
  • Decrease Pain.
  • Decrease Compression and Pinching in Joints and Nerves.

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